Flamenco Odyssey
by Christos Tzifakis


Christos Tzifakis

guitarist – composer

Flamenco Odyssey is one of my major works in which, I aimed for listeners to experience flamenco from the vantage point of a traveler immersed in the timbres and flavors of both Eastern and Western cultures.

Flamenco Odyssey

A Mediterranean Guitar Cycle, arr. Michail Travlos
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Odyssey is a voyage. Odysseus is me, Odysseus is you, and Odysseus is every single person who chooses to go through adventures in order to reach the harbor of self-realization.

This record is my own odyssey. I walk past the different forms of flamenco, experiencing them from the point of view of a traveler who carries within him the flavors and timbres of both Eastern and Western cultures. The tracks in this record are moments from this walk.


Christos Tzifakis



Flamenco Odyssey

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Christos Tzifakis (b. 1969)


‘Pay attention to Christos Tzifakis, the young guitarist which I conducted in Holland recently. His talent is supported by a remarkable technique … this young man plays with twenty fingers …’
– Leo Brouwer, Hollywood, 1994

‘What makes Christos Tzifakis so special, is that he took the big risk to enter the world of flamenco and understand it deeply … his concerto is an alchemy of feelings and sensations …’
– Joaquin Grilo, Athens, 2010

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