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Christos Tzifakis



Mr. Tzifakis was born in Athens, Greece in 1969. He commenced his musical education at the age of six playing the piano and from the age of ten he dedicated himself to the guitar.

1988 he was accepted at the Dutch Royal Academy – Conservatorium Maastricht as an exceptional talent. He finished his studies as a classical guitar soloist 1994 with distinction and honors ( “Cum Laude” a unique distinction at the Academy)
During his studies in the Nederlands, he participated in prestigious guitar festivals of Europe (Koln, Amsterdam, Volos, Cordoba), where he had the chance to interact with masters of the classical guitar such as: Hubert Kaeppel, Thomas Muehler Pehring, Abel Carlevaro, Pepe Romero, Leo Brouwer, Costas Cotsiolis.
1991 he gained a scholarship by the above-mentioned Academy and traveled to Cordoba (Spain) where he studied the flamenco guitar with Manolo Sanlucar.
1994 he returns to Athens and continues his formal education with Michalis Travlos (composition) and Markos Alexiou (Jazz).

Christos Tzifakis has composed pieces for solo guitar, flamenco jazz and theatre. He has transcribed various compositions from other instruments for the guitar (from J.S. Bach to Chick Corea)
His latest work “Flamenco Alchemy” for chamber orchestra, solo guitar and flamenco -jazz group was choreographed by the renowned flamenco dancer Joaquin Grilo and premiered at Megaron Concert Hall Athens 2010.

Christos Tzifakis has been teaching and giving specialised lectures at guitar festivals and organised seminars on very specific topics concerning the combination of the flamenco and classical guitar techniques, as well as the composition technique of the Spanish composers.
He is the founder of the first flamenco guitar festival in Athens.


Christos Tzifakis belongs to the innovative generation of guitar players. He combines classical, flamenco and jazz and has created his own unique style.

Classical concerts

As a classical guitar soloist he performed with the following Orchestras:

Concerto Elegiaco

Symphony Orchestra of Limburg – Nederlands with the Spanish conductor Miguel Tamarit Rodrigo, performing the “Concerto Elegiaco” by Leo Brouwer.

Concerto Elegiaco

Symphony Orchestra of Limburg – Nederlands with the Cuban composer – conductor Leo Brouwer at the podium of the maestro, performing the “Concerto Elegiaco”. 

Duo Concerti

Orchestra of the Colours – Athens – Greece with Miltos Logiades as a conductor, performing (first musical performance) the “Duo Concerti” by Michalis Travlos, who dedicated this concert to Christos Tzifakis.

Duo Concerti

Symphony Orchestra of Sofia- Boulgaria with Nick Ivaylov as a conductor, performing and recording the “Duo Concerti”..

Flamenco Alchemy

Chamder Orchestra “Intrarti” – Athens with Nikos Haliassas as a conductor, performing his own concerto “Flamenco Alchemy” at the Megaron Concert Hall.

Solo concerts

And many solo concerts in various festivals, performing standard guitar repertoire, contemporary repertoire and his own compositions.

Flamenco-Jazz concerts – cooperations

Flamenco Aire - 2000

He founded together with the dancer Melina Ivanisheva the flamenco – jazz group “Flamenco Aire”. With the group he performed at many jazz, ethnic festivals cooperating with many different musicians (folk, jazz, flamenco) and dancers.

Flamenco - 2004

He cooperated with the flamenco guitar player Gerardo Nunez and the flamenco dancer Carmen Cortez.

Live Performance

References – Critics

Leo Brouwer

Composer, Conductor (Cuba)

Hollywood 1994

“Pay attention to Christos Tzifakis , the young guitarist which I conducted in Holland recently. His talent is supported by a remarkable technique.” “…this young man plays with twenty fingers…”

Leo Brouwer
Hubert Kaeppel

Guitar soloist, professor at the music university of Koln (Germany)

Koln 1995

“The playing of Christos Tzifakis convinced me immediately with the unusually clear and detailed development, and with the great skill …”

Hubert Kaeppel
Giorgos Leotsakos

Music critic (Athens)

Athens 2003

“… the concerto was supported by the astonishing technique of Christos Tzifakis…”

Giorgos Leotsakos
Maria Farandouri

Singer (Greece)

Athens 2004

“I had the pleasure and fortune to hear the work of the major composer Michalis Travlos” 2 Concerti “performed by the Orchestra of Colours and the excellent guitarist Christo Tzifakis. The impression I had was perfect and made ​​me feel proud of the young wonders of Art in modern Greece”.

Maria Farandouri
Joaquin Grilo

Flamenco dancer ( Spain)

Athens 2010

“What makes Christos Tzifakis so special, is that he took the big risk to enter the world of flamenco and understand it deeply.” “…his concerto is an alchemy of feelings and sensations …”  

Joaquin Grilo

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